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On the first day of July 2014, two guests from Norway visited the Centre – Mr. Odd Berner Malme, Head of Law Enforcement Department of the OSCE Mission to Serbia and Mr. John Ståle Stamnes, Assistant Commissioner of the National Police of Norway in the Department for International Cooperation.

Miroslav Mijailović, deputy head, and Žarko Jelača, coordinator of the Centre, showed the guests our school building, video shooting range, tactical house - a building for situational training, dormitories and the library.

 - I take every opportunity to state, and I have repeatedly stressed to our guests, how much we appreciate the Norwegian government help in the reconstruction of facilities within the Centre and in the reform process - says Mr. Mijailović. - Norwegian Government has allocated 320,000 euros to renovate our library within the project "Improvement of the Basic Police Training Centre in Sremska Kamenica, Serbia - renovation of the library, classrooms and Curriculum Development Department" which has been supported and helped by the OSCE Mission to Serbia. 

In addition, it is a pleasure to work with such professionals, such as our Norwegian colleagues.

During his first visit to the Centre on the 7th November 2013, Mr. Malme was introduced to the results of cooperation with the OSCE since 2006 until that date. This time, he came visiting with one of the highest representatives of the Norwegian police.

Mr. Stamnes had heard a lot about training at the Centre, and he wished to personally see it during his first visit to Serbia. As he said, he was impressed by what he saw. He noticed many similarities between the training of Norwegian and Serbian police, but noted that we have even improved some of the elements. He singled out the tactical house and the training of mentors and mentors coordinators. 

Upon his visit to the video shooting range, he compared it with the one he had seen in Portugal, even more modern, in which the student does not see the captured real life situations only in front of him/her, but is surrounded by them, since they are projected 360 degrees around the trainees.

After seeing the campus and the presentation about the Centre, there was a talk on the topic of selection, entrance exam, the position of national minorities in training and other issues. 

Leaving Sremska Kamenica, the guests have expressed their willingness to continue the good cooperation.


text: Jasna Obradović



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