The second national seminar for PFTO coordinators
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The second national seminar for police field training officers' (PFTO) coordinators was organized on 21st and 22nd  December 2010 at the BPTC in Sremska Kamenica in cooperation with Police Directorate and OSCE Mission in The Republic of Serbia.

The aim of the seminar was the improvement of practical and professional training. The seminar participants were PFTO coordinators who actively participated in the implementation of practical and professional training of 2nd generation of trainees at the BPTC. On the first day of the seminar, Ljutica Florić from the Department for PFTO training and organizing practical training for trainees at the BPTC, presented the participants a report on the monitoring of professional training of 2nd generation of police probationers, where the comparative results of training at the Centre, the final examination, professional training and professional examination were shown.

- There are  several recommendations and conclusions for the regional police directorates and BPTC drawn at this seminar I would like to single out - said Saša Antić, Head of the Department for PFTO training and organizing practical training of trainees at the Centre. - First, it is important to us that the curriculum for professional training of trainees, attending basic police training, as well as practical and professional training program, are well accepted.

Police stations, where well prepared PFTO coordinators worked at, were the ones that stood out for their good organization of work and dedicated PFTO and police probationers, which indicates the important role of the PFTO coordinators for the success of the entire program.

But, there are still elements that need to be improved. In the majority of PS, offices for PFTO coordinators are inadequately equipped. Immediate superior officers in police stations/police outposts do not have enough information about means, methodology, importance and objectives of practical and professional training.

PFTO and PFTO coordinators have to be police officers, selected according to given criteria, who successfully completed the courses for PFTO and PFTO coordinators.

It is necessary to comply with the letter of general police director, on the rewarding of PFTO and PFTO coordinators, and the Regulations on professional development and specialized training at the MoI. We believe that in the future it should be discussed upon how to achieve to evaluate work of a police officer after passing the vocational exam and how to unify standards for writing letters and standards for police actions/interventions  in all regional police directorates, according to the fact that our joint aim is to have police officers with the applicable level of knowledge. That knowledge should consist of professional attitudes and the ability to use skills, which guarantees a successful independent work, in accordance with established requirements.

Only one woman coordinator

One of the conclusions of the seminar was pointing out the need to involve more women PFTO and PFTO coordinators in professional training program for police probationers, and, at this seminar, among 47 colleagues, there was only one woman.

- There are a few women among the PFTO. And at the Police Academy, I only had one female colleague, she was from Novi Pazar - we were told by Jelena Pavlovic, an officer for the organization, prevention and community policing. - My job is  nice and interesting. I cooperate with schools, the judiciary, the city administration of Pancevo and I work on professional development, as well. At the BPTC, I ran a training course for PFTO. There were 18 police officers from various police directorates, and no women. Although many of them were older than me, I think that everything went well and that we had a good communication.

- On the second day of the seminar, workshops in groups were organized. After that, representatives of the groups  presented proposals and suggestions in order to harmonize the methods of conducting practical and professional training of trainees at the Centre. Conclusions drawn this way are of great importance for Practical training guidelines for the trainees at the BPTC, the Professional Development Files 1 and 2, the method of certifying forms for evaluation of the trainees, standardization of writing letters, as an addition to Practical training reports (f. no. 2a), the method of conducting practical training on other lines of work (traffic activity, criminal and administrative operations and legal affairs, border affairs, foreigners, suppression of illegal migration and human trafficking), the method of conducting practical / professional training 1 on 1, problem situations in performing practical and professional training.

Seminar participants think that organization of experience exchange, like this one, should continue  focusing on joint work on improvement of the efficiency of practical and professional. training.

Photo : Juri Derevjančenko   
Text : Jasna Obradović

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