Entrance exam



The right to participate in the competition has a person who must meet the following requirements (Regulation оn professional training and development in the Ministry of Interior):

  1. candidate must have citizenship of the Republic of Serbia;
  2. candidate must be a resident of the Republic of Serbia lasting at least one year up to application;
  3. candidate must be 18 - 24 years of age;
  4. candidate must not have more than 24 years of age by the last day of the competition (this applies to the graduates of the University of Criminal and Police Studies);
  5. candidate must have 4-year long high school education;
  6. there must not be any security threat for candidate’s employment in the MoI;
  7. candidate must have driving licence for “B” category;
  8. candidate must fulfill health, psychological and physical fitness requirements for employment in the MoI.


I  In the regional police directorates


II In the BPTC in Sremska Kamenica


III  In the Institute for Occupational Health of the employees of the MoI, in Belgrade



General medical examination determines:

  • Personal and family health history
  • Chronic diseases that are conflicting with employment in the Ministry;
  • Anthropometric measurements (minimum height 163 for female candidates and 170 for male candidates, weight, body-mass-index)  
  • General health state of the candidates  
  • General health examination is eliminatory in terms of advancing to other specialized examinations.

 Specialized examination:

  • Eye sight   
  • Ear, throat, nose    
  • Physiatrist   
  • Internal
  • Dentist
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Laboratory
  • Drug test   




1. Language and spelling/ orthography

Essay in Serbian language on a given topic
Spelling/ orthography test
This part of examination defines if candidate knows basis of spelling rules (capital letter, comma, full stop, abbreviations, writing rules) and ability to express in written form (the content, spelling, sentences, grammar, composition in logical and sequencing are assessed).

2. Psychological test

Based on new original tests for psychological selection in the police service, we are assessing intellect, moral integrity, level of general culture and information level, and personality characteristics of the candidates important for policing.

3. Physical fitness check

4. Interview

Interview will be conducted by a 4-member Commission and it lasts for approximatelly 20 minutes, covering various topics. This part of the qualification exam determines the candidates' ability of oral expression and their communication skills (verbal and non-verbal).


Short listing

Candidates that have met specific conditions and passed qualification exam for enrolment in the Centre are short listed based on the sum of results in all four parts of the qualification exam.

Board and lodging during the qualification examinations and testing is not provided on the Centre property and is not compensated for. Candidates that receive call for medical testing are to cover costs of boarding and food, as well as the costs of medical examination.