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Training for border police station commanders in Police High School – Basic Police Training Centre lasted from 30th May till 9th June 2010. It was organized by the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), experts from educational institutions and border police of Eastern European countries.

- An initial meeting of participants of the first International pilot training course for border police station commanders (ITCSC) was held here, in Sremska Kamenica, in March last year. The last sequel of the course, the fifth in a row, has recently been completed in Slovenia. Out of 31 participants of the course, the selected 20 are here now - we were told by Mr Dušan Burian, manager of the course. - Training of trainers in cooperation with the MoI of Serbia, was organized for the first time in your School - Centre, the plan is to continue cooperation. The next course should start in September with distance learning (e-learning), and continue, here, in October.


Representatives of the border police of six countries from the region, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia,
attended this international course. They will participate in the implementation of the following courses, as trainers.

We are the first generation of trainers - says m.a. Slaviša Igić, a former student of 15th class of Police High School, commander of border police station in Dimitrovgrad. - During the nine days’ training, our “teachers” - trainers, Ms Nada Banjac and Ms Gordana Milić, have enabled us to introduce new methods of conducting classes. This course, as well as the previous courses in this series, gives students the opportunity to try to prepare and conduct classes and gain confidence in performance in front of the audience. It is not only interesting, but is also useful for the job I do.



Text J.Obradović
Translation Stana Milenković

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